Concept  An artist friend once told me that making art is like cooking. You‘re expecting some friends, open your fridge and see what you‘ve got. Then, creativity kicks in. You can stick to tradition or create something new. Go for an adventure. Push the limits. Either way, what you do will speak volumes about the kind of person you are. Food is life. The ultimate comfort zone is also a great metaphor for the act of creation.

Can you host? is a unique blend of travel, food, music and celebrities that takes us into the homes of some of the most awesome performers on earth. In each episode, American in Vienna music promoter Erich Zawinul visits a friend for a day of shopping, cooking, stories, hanging and possibly a jam session. Think people like Carlos Santana, Dee Dee Bridgewater, George Benson and Zap Mama. Viewers will get the ultimate backstage experience as these acclaimed artists shed their public personas to chill out with their real-life friends and colleagues, giving us an unparalleled glimpse into their everyday lives and showing us that deep down they´re people just like us. Bringing together today’s obsession with cooking shows, high-intensity trips to some of the world’s most vibrant cities and our voyeuristic curiosity for the life of musicians, managers, agents … , the series will be a dazzlingly fun celebration of taste, creativity, and friendship. Part Anthony Bourdain, part celebrity “jazz” reality show, the series will give the audience their fix of star power while showing them that even world-renowned musicians live a regular life, go to the farmers’ market, and cook local food.

There´s more.

We like to think that we’re recreating the ultimate analogue experience. In a world where everything can be virtual, there’s still no substitute for sharing a meal with your best friends. Be they stars or everyday men and women, the
people we meet are united by the time-honored rituals of hospitality that lie at the core of our project.
As we explore the delights of friendship and togetherness, our title itself pays homage to the magic of
human connection: Can you host?

What happens  Each episode opens with Erich and the crew landing in a new city. We get to experience its vibes as they cross it to meet their host. Hometowns are not just places: they are part of the host’s personal history, the breeding ground of their style and culture. Carlos Santana shows us Las Vegas. Trombone Shorty introduce us to New Orleans. Sergio Mendes gives us the lowdown on Rio. Once the scene is set, Erich and the host hit their favorite butcher, fish monger or fruitseller. We hear the captivating snippets of an unscripted chat. Imagine Wayne Shorter talking about his Buddhist practice in the Lower East Side, or Manu Katché naming his favorite wine shops in Paris while picking the best-looking sourdough baguette at a local bakery. Meanwhile, the evening’s dinner starts taking shape. Carefully dosed details about the recipes anticipate the fantastic meal to come.Back home, Erich and the host begin cooking. The interiors give us unparalleled access to the hosts’ personalities and private lives. Like in a Jamie Oliver or Gordon Ramsay show, the dinner comes to life in front of our eyes in a feast of colors and ingredients highlighted by amazing camera work. The recipes will also become standalone videos for the series’ website. In the meantime, the hosts unveil the most incredible stories they have, recreating the highlights of their careers for the audience. These consummate performers all know how to captivate viewers. We close on a low-key dinner with their real-life friends. The genuine atmosphere makes them look relatable yet inspiring as they slowly open up to the cameras. Some start a jam session. Others choose to share stories about their favorite restaurants, their breakthrough track, or the odd personal anecdote. At the end of the episode, we ask them to call the next host and ask them, “Can you Host?”.

Genre  Part documentary, part travel and food series, part celebrity jazz-paced reality show, Can you host? is poised to capture very different types of audience. The sheer variety of our settings is a recipe for variety and excitement, while the star power of our cast gives the series unparalleled clout.
We are tapping into some of the obsessions that define our age, blending the relentless curiosity at the heart of so-called reality shows, Instagram and Snapchat to the cross-cultural pollination of travel shows and our shared desire for authenticity and an unadulterated local experience. Our hosts are the ultimate local guides, showing how they use regional ingredients and interact with their cities. We‘re miles ahead of series such as Braxton Family Values and The Osbournes. Can you host? is no soap opera. We like to think of it as a travel food show with a group of fantastic music makers as the protagonists, Parts Unknown starring John Coltrane.


The show‘s stunning diversity will keep the audience coming back for more. Our all-star cast stimulates curiosity and excitement. We visit a number of vibrant cities, meet incredible characters, and see them create great food. Each episode has a fresh and impromptu feel. Erich‘s infectious friendliness keeps the hosts in their comfort zone as they wow the audience with the magic of their true selves.
Each sequence sparks with the charm of a star-quality
performance while also being authentic and down-to-earth. Excellent camerawork and editing complement this addictive hymn to the pleasures of food and friendship.


Erich is the son of Joe Zawinul, an iconic Austrian-born jazz pioneer and keyboardist who played with the likes of Miles Davis and Cannonball Adderley before becoming a founding member of the ground breaking super-group Weather Report. Based in Vienna, he is an accomplished DJ, event organizer, promoter and networker. Our hosts are family to him. He is the perfect man to put them at ease and bring the best stories and recipes out of them.

The hosts themselves are living legends, some the most
accomplished musicians of our time. Their charisma and screen presence are the beating heart of our show.We will invite stars as celebrated and diverse as Carlos Santana, Sergio Mendes, Randy Crawford, Wayne Shorter, Steve Lukather, David Paich, Christian McBride, David Sanborn, Pat Metheny, Zap Mama, Manu Katche, Dee Dee Bridgewater and many more, a list that could become endless if they accept to call the next host. We will savor the ultimate backstage moment as they showcase their daily lives and chat with us like old friends. As he makes his way through Vegas, we hear Carlos Santana talking to us about growing up in a Tijuana herb shop, or his recipe for duck tacos and seafood guacamole. In Rio, we listen to Sergio Mendes telling us all about the best sushi bars in Tokyo and Los Angeles. Just think of Shakira explaining how to make her favorite dish (“mojarra fried with patacón”) while peppering the recipe with tales about the songs that put her on the map. Genuine laughter and unscripted asides will set our show apart. As an award-winning TV commercial production house, we have the perfect crew for the job. We will give Can you host?


We hope you’re as excited as we are. Our innovative concept spans music, cooking food, friendship, and far-away faces and places. Bringing these genuine moments to life and making our meals spark with excitement is a challenge that thrills us. We’ll be the guests of some of the most awesome musicians and music people alive. With them, we will travel the world in search of authenticity, great food, and amazing stories. Each episode will resonate with the host’s aura as we shed light on their daily life and the roots of their creativity, plunging us into a world rife with the delights of friendship and wonderful food. If our vision comes true, Can you host? will become a catchphrase that incarnates fun, connection, and unfettered talent. We look forward to discussing these ideas with you further.

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